In Texas was published
"Rumanian Air Force-The Prime Decade"
by Bernád Dénes

I dedicate this book for all Heroes of Air.
Dedic aceastã carte tuturor Eroilor Aerului.

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This book is the result of more than fifteen years of research. It started back in 1983, when I was a freshman at the Technical University of Brasov city, former core of the wartime Rumanian aviation industry. There I met several retired airmen, veterans of Rumania's World War Two campaigns, both the Anti-Soviet and Anti-Axis. As some of them, reluctantly, shared their memories in those hard times - when even to mention the officially denied anti-Soviet war was very imprudent - I realized that their stories must be preserved for posterity.
Building up the pile of facts and photographs, one by one, it is only now when I can ascertain the overall picture. It is a colorful and interesting portrait, replete with highlights and drama, with successes and failures. The frequent historical and political turning points, as well as the wide variety of foreign and indigenous aircraft types employed within the Rumanian air force assures the uniqueness of this tableau, worthy to be shared with a larger, English-language audience.

This book is a première, as it's the first such a comprehensive work to be published in English. It was not an easy task to compile it. The scarcity of hard information, combined with the occasional lack of co-operation by Rumanian institutions and even by a few airmen and local historians - some of them bluntly refusing assistance - considerably hindered my work.
Having to deal with such a delicate topic as the recent history of Eastern Europe and the Balkans is, I made all possible efforts to remain impartial, to look at the facts and to narrate the story in an unbiased manner. To the best of my ability, I have tried to discard the stereotypes and look beyond the clichés perpetuated by all sides involved in the second world conflagration.
I sincerely hope I managed to preserve the delicate balance and, in the same time, to present to the English language reader an overall and unbiased picture of the men and aircraft of what was Eastern Europe and the Balkan's largest and most colorful air force of World War Two

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Dénes Bernád
Toronto, Canada
June of 1999

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