What's New?

Feb. 19. 2008
The Books Page has been updated with info on volume 2 of 'From Barbarossa to Odessa', co-authored by me, to be available in February. 
May. 9. 2007
The Books Page has been updated with the latest book co-authored by me, to be available in June.
Jan. 12. 2007
Bulgaria's Index is made, list of Bulgarian planes is uploaded in PDF format.
List of Rumanian planes is renewed.
Dec. 30. 2006
Hungary's index is made, list of Hungarian planes is uploaded in PDF format.
Dec. 28. 2006
"Back" buttons are added, several mistakes are repaired.
Dec. 26. 2006
Start page and books page are renewed. New e-mail adress is added to the site.
July. 15. 2006
Luftwaffe index, and Luftwaffe pages are renewed.
May. 23, 2006
Main page and ARR Index renewed. Several article downloadable in PDF format. New Guestbook is added to the page.
Feb. 10, 2006
List of books written by Dénes Bernád is updated.
Jan. 5, 2006
April 30, 2003
In the past few months, I tried to recover some lost pages and reconstruct the rest, bit by bit. I still have to redo the start page.
In the meantime, there were new additions to the 'Unknown & Quiz' page, while most solved photos were removed, to make the page load quicker. I added the latest book I co-authored to the chapter titled 'Books written by Dénes Bernád'.
To properly illustrate several answers I've given to incoming questions, I opened two additional pages, one related to Hungarian Bf 109Gs at the end of war, while another one to Miscellaneous Photos.
Also, there continues to be a steady flow of posts on the Discussion Forum. Please drop by and post any questions you may have related to the topic, or even off topic.

December 16, 2002
Due to serious problems with my web host, Homestead, I lost most of the web site. Sad moment, that only reinforces my original point of view, namely my main focus should be on writing books and articles and I should spend only limited time on working on this web site, which can disappear overnight, without warning (I should have saved the pages, though)...

December 10, 2002
Today I opened the 'Provisory Master List of all Bulgarian Aircraft between 1919 and 1946'. Go to the main page and click on 'Bulgaria'. Any comments or corrections are welcome.
I also added four photos that show (to me) unknown aircraft, as well as one quiz to the 'Unknown & Quiz' page. Please post your answers on my Forum or Guest Book.
Finally, now I have an 'official' banner to my web site. Anyone who wishes to post a link on his/her web site, please contact me for the banner.

September 27, 2002           
It has been over 4 months without any updates. The reason is that in the past time period I was very busy finishing a book manuscript, as well as two other materials offered as contributions to books that I will co-author. Also, I handed over an article to the French magazine 'Avions', which should be printed in the next issue. I will keep sharing the news with you all as soon as any of these materials will be published. As mentioned earlier, writing takes advantage over this web site. Hopefully though, from now on updates will be more frequent.
Today I included 5 new photos and 3 old scans recovered from the crash in the 'Unknown & Quiz' section. Good luck in identifying them! As usual, please post your replies to the forum. Talking of the forum, we are closing in to the 500th post! Thanks for all of your contributions.

May 23, 2002
New page opened in the Rumanian Air Force section: 'ARR Units (1940-1945)'. Four new photos inserted in the U&Q page: two Italian wrecks and two fighter monoplanes from the inter-war era.

May 6, 2002
It's over six weeks since the last update. The reason is that I am working on a book manuscript (along with 2 articles) and they are 'chewing up' all my available spare time. However - as mentioned earlier - writing books/articles has always priority over building my web site. Nevertheless, I could find time to include four more photos in the 'Unknown and Quiz' section. One of them has already been solved, while two other ones received hints. The previous photos have all been positively identified. I updated the captions in red. Please check the section out and post your thoughts on the Forum. Talking of the forum, we passed the 200th post. My web site was visited by over 2000 times, while the forum almost 3000 times. Thanks to all visitors!

March 20, 2002           
There has been four weeks since the site was opened. Since then, there were over 1350 visitors to this site. We now have more than 110 posts on the Discussion Forum. Apparently, the pace starts to pick up...
A new page was started. It's called 'Unknown Photographs & Quiz (Test)'. Here I will post photos of airplanes and airmen that are either unknown to me so I need your input, or I know the answer, but I challenge you to find it. Two photos (one in  each category) were posted. Replies either on the Discussion Forum, or in Guest (Guess?) Book.
Table on Rumanian Aircraft Types finally completed. Next, Bulgaria.
March 5, 2002           
Today, the 18th day since the site has been opened, the 1000th visitor 'dropped by'. On the Forum there are over 70 posts. A slow but steady start.
Two additional tables inserted to the Rumanian Air Force Chapter. There is a final one - school airplanes and trainers - left.
Next will be Bulgaria.

Feb. 25, 2002           
A few photo caption updated thanks to Carlos Herrera and David E. Brown. New chapter - dealing with Trainers and Liaison airplanes - opened. Several new photos uploaded in the Fighters and Transports chapters. ARR airplanes' table upload continued

Feb. 22, 2002
The first table, listing Fighter and Fighter/Bombers, was finally inserted to the ARR pages. I have problems inserting text files larger than 6000 characters, hence the slow conversion of tables (thanks for the help of Victor Nitu). More tables to follow...

Feb. 22, 2002           
During the first week on-line, there were over 600 visitors to the site. Also, there are 30 posts on the Forum. I consider this as promising start :o)

Feb. 19, 2002           
The first constructive response came from Franek Grabowski, Poland. He submitted another colour view of the P-40 shot down somewhere in North Africa, along with a description. For details, see 'War Booties and Wrecks' section

Feb. 18, 2002            
In the first 3 days, more than 300 visitors checked out the web site. The first queries were also posted on the Forum
Feb. 15, 2002            
Web site open
Feb. 14, 2002            
Last retouches, few bugs corrected, counters inserted
Feb. 11, 2002            
Forum and Guestbook created and tested
Feb. 9, 2002              
Personal page completed. 'ARR Rank Equivalents' listed as PDF file
Feb. 2, 2002             
Transformed two main studies ('ARR History' and "Inter-war Aircraft Types') into PDF file, readable with free Acrobat Reader.
Jan. 9, 2002        
Index page completed - artwork is far from perfect, but I have no time to further refine it.
Nov. 2, 2001       
Work started on the web page.